Takoradi Can Not Boast of International Artistes — Snow B Jabs

Snow B
Snow B

Snow B, formerly known as Ray James in the showbiz industry, has made a serious declaration about Sekondi-Takoradi artistes making it to the international stage.

Every region of Ghana is making strides in the music industry, with its artistes breaking down barriers both inside and beyond the country.

Witnessing artistes from your region break down barriers and make international waves with their music can be both exciting and humbling.

Over the years, the Western Region music industry has struggled to attract enough artists to shatter borders and make international ripples.

Snow B, formerly known as Ray James, who was fired from the music industry a year ago, has spoken out about why Takoradi artists aren’t pushing limits.

In an interview with Macall Mensah, an award-winning host on YFM’s Y Entertainment Podium (Takoradi). Language, he claims, is the reason why Western region artists do not push boundaries.

People truly believe that when it comes to music, language is no barrier. We’ve had a few songs that have become worldwide hits, but the lyrics are often misunderstood.

Other artists, according to Snow B, are gaining international fame as a result of their consistent use of English lyrics in their songs.

He told the host that if Western musicians want to push limits with their music, they should stop using fante lyrics and start using English lyrics.

He urged DJs in the Western Region and members of the creative arts community to support any talent from the region once more.

He is currently out with a new project dubbed ‘You‘.

When he was asked what’s the promotional strategy for his new tune. He answered that, he is now focusing to embark on a radio tour then channel the energy to the digital platforms too.

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