Kweku Bany Vows To Restore Unity Among Takoradi Artistes

Kweku Bany
Kweku Bany

Kweku Bany, a Ghanaian rapper, has pledged to reinstate or reintroduce unity and peace among Western entertainmeners this year.

Over the years, industry players and artistes have assumed that there is no such thing as an entertainment industry in the Western Region

There have been various blame games in the industry, with artists accusing industry players of not assisting them in their development and vice versa.

Others blame the artists for being too self-conscious to post their fellow colleagues’work on their social media accounts. 

There must be harmony and peace among the artists and industry stakeholders for any industry to witness significant growth in its entertainment sector. 

We are only as strong as our unity, and we are only as weak as our division.”

Kweku Bany, the winner of the TV3 mentor’sreality show in 2020, has pledged to reestablish peace and unity among artistes and industry professionals. 

Kweku Bany believes that the music scene in Takoradi will flourish if artistes work together

He Wrote:

I will bring back westside unity.
Because I know when there is unity among us,   West Side music industry will do magic than the other regions.

He believes that if we stay united and do not feel uneasy in the entertainment industry,we can outperform other regions. 

He then prayed to the ancestors for power to help him realize his ambition of uniting Takoradi’s musicians.

He Wrote:

PAAPA YANKSON, CK MANN, CASTRO UNDER FIRE 🔥  Where ever you are may your spirit support me to achieve this dream😔😔🙏🙏

We all wish Kweku Bany the best of luck
in his journey to unity Takoradi Artistes in order to see progress in our showbiz industry here.

Do you also see there is no unity in Takoradi showbiz industry? Send us your comments let us know. Thank you.

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