“Make Visa Application Flexible” Bongo Ideas To Kamala Harris

Bongo Ideas
Bongo Ideas

Bongo Ideas a prominent social media influencer from Ghana, has appealed to Vice President Kamala Harris of the United States of America, urging her to contemplate introducing more flexible measures for visa applications to the USA.

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During Vice President Kamala Harris’ business trip to Ghana, Bongo Ideas advocated for more flexibility in the visa application process for Ghanaians who aspire to relocate to the United States.

He stated that nearly a million individuals are eager to depart from Ghana, which has been tragically ruined by self-interested leaders.

He proposed that Kamala Harris could even arrange for a cargo plane to transport them back home, and they would not complain in the slightest.

He wrote:

Hello, @VP Kamala Harris, kindly make the visa application flexible so some of us can successfully relocate to our dream home, the USA. Thank you.

Close to a million people want to leave this God-forsaken Ghana that has been hopelessly destroyed by selfish leaders. You can even put us on a cargo plane and send us back home, and we won’t complain at all.

The only thing I’m obsessed about is the United States of America. Fucccccc it! I’ll be there soon.

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