Kojo Forex Slaps Bongo Ideas On Social Media (Photos)

Kojo Forex
Kojo Forex

Young millionaire Kojo Forex from Ghana has attacked Bongo Ideas (Albert Nat Hyde), a popular figure on social media.

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This online teasing started after Albert Nat Hyde, often known online as Bongo Ideas, posted a screenshot of someone complaining about how Kojo Forex had defrauded him.

He Wrote:

I hate to give FX fraudsters like


a bite of my so-called “ill-gotten clout.” But a Ponzi-schemer who steals from people & comes online to proudly show off deserves some hooting. Pay the people you’ve defrauded first, & let’s see if I could consider you for a beefing.

The young millionaire from Ghana did not dismiss Bongo Idea’s remark. This prompted Kojo Forex to publish a discussion in which Bongo Ideas begged him to reveal him the path to success so that he, too, could become wealthy.

The self-described influencer begged the young Ghanaian billionaire in his direct message (DM) for guidance and to show him the path to wealth.

He wrote:

Since you guys enjoyed the well cooked meal today, let’s finish up with some dessert. For a heartless domineering & notoriously opinionated young fool that he is, least thing his shrinked brain could have told him is not to bite the hands that he’s begging to feed him!!

He Wrote

Let them google “kojoforex academy” and come arrest me. My office is a public location & on google maps. You little idiotic dickhead of a barbaric being. Unlike you, I’m not under hiding because unlike you again, I have no single dent on my name and how I make my money!! FOOL

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