Ernest Opoku Narrates How A Lady Gave Him Bl0w Job In A Vip Bus (Video)

Ernest Opoku
Ernest Opoku

Ernest Opoku Jnr, a well-known gospel musician, has recently shared a shocking experience he had not too long ago during an interview.

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During an interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM, which is one of Media General’s leading radio stations in Kumasi, Ernest Opoku Jnr revealed that he was the victim of sexual assault by a woman while he was dozing off on a night VIP bus from Kumasi to Accra several years ago.

Ernest Opoku Jnr recounted that during his journey from Kumasi to Accra on the night VIP bus, an unfamiliar woman occupied the seat beside him. As time passed, the woman began to doze off and attempted to lean on him. He then requested that she adjust her position, and she subsequently leaned against the window instead.

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He later put on his headphones and listened to some of Elder Mireku’s songs until he dozed off. While he was sleeping, he suddenly felt some movement around him, and to his utter shock, he woke up to discover that the woman had his manhood in her mouth, prompting him to call out the name of Jesus.

Ernest Opoku Jnr expressed his surprise and responded by giving the woman a hard tap on the back when she asked him if he enjoyed the act. He also revealed that the woman’s only explanation for her behavior was that she thought she was dreaming, and she apologized for it.

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