What Is Our Problem If The Music Is Good, but sounds like Nigerian – Camidoh Adduces  


Camidoh, the afrobeat sensation, has responded to critics who accuse Ghanaian artists of plagiarizing Nigerian sounds. 

Since the global acceptance of ‘Afrobeats,’ many Ghanaian artists have followed in the footsteps of Nigerians in order to tap into the fame and gain a global audience. 

When Ghanaians hear their people performing Afrobeats, a worldwide accepted music genre dominated by Nigerians, they invariably condemn them.

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Over the years, critics have chastised Ghanaian musicians for plagiarizing Nigerian music styles. 

Kelvyn Boy is constantly chastised by Ghanaians for sounding like Wizkid, and AK Songstress  was also chastised for mimicking Nigerian music following her song ‘Johnathan.’

With all of his songs, Camidoh was accused of sounding like a Nigerian, and he faced a lot of backlash from Ghanaians.

Responding to critics, Ghanaian artist and producer Raphael Camidoh Kofi Attachie, better known in the entertainment industry as Camidoh, has given his honest perspective on the Ghana-Nigeria saga. 

According to the ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker, sounding like Nigerians is not a bad thing for Ghanaians.

It is not a big concern for him if you have good music and sound like a Nigerian, he claims.

Camidoh mentioned in an interview with Hertilicious on Empire Fm that when Nigerians copied’Azonto,’ none of their media people complained.

He went on to say that everyone has access to everything made in another country because to the internet. 

He concluded by stating that we should study about what is going on throughout the world in order to tap into it.

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