People Aren’t Streaming Your Music Because You Don’t Produce Good Songs — Freddie Mo Jabs Aya RamzyB 

Freddie Mo and Aya RamzyB
Freddie M

Freddie Mo, a musician from Sekondi-Takoradi, has slammed Aya RamzyB for a remark he made regarding Takoradi residents not streaming music online. 

Bismark Amoako, also known as Aya RamzyB in the entertainment industry, revealed a stunning revelation regarding Takoradi music fans over the weekend. 

According to the ‘Jawuley’ crooner, Takoradi music fans are simply being fan deceived and are not streaming artiste songs on digital stores so that they can benefit from their hard work.

Freddie Mo, who was featured on Pappy Kojo’s ‘Lagos Hope’ record, retorted to his colleague’s remark. 

People in Takoradi, according to Freddie Mo, aren’t streaming his colleague’s music on the digital platforms because he doesn’t write good lyrics or songs. 

He went on to say that when the people of Takoradi admire your work, they back you up totally, therefore he doesn’t see why his brother is complaining.

Freddie Mo, whose brand and music are not well-known in Takoradi, did not express dissatisfaction with the people for refusing to accept him. 

He claims that his attention is not solely on Takoradi people since he wants to take his brand global. 

He shared his revelations with Hertilicious on Empire Drive.

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