Takoradi Ankos In The Street Of Italy (Video)

Ankos in takoradi,,
Ankos in takoradi

Ankos festival which is widely known by the people of Takoradi as Masquerade festival or Takoradi street carnival is an annual event that is organized and celebrated by the people of Takoradi in the Western Region.

This Takoradi street carnival or Masquerade festival or Ankos has received a massive audience both locally and Internationally.

On December 25 and 26, dozen of people filled the street of the twin-city to witness team or group of people who are in a wild outfits and display their skills through dance and art.

There are over 30 groups who partake in this festival and it includes Ohyewakomamu, Supreme, USA, Emirate, Yankees, Sanato, Spain, Canada, Addyzee, and many more.

Each of these groups has its dress sow differently, the match through the streets of twin-city to display their dresses and dance to the masses who have gathered on the street to witness.

This festival has gained a lot of attention both locally and in part of the Western world. A lot of foreigners just come from their various destinations just to witness this festival.

Last year’s festival caught the eyes of Nigerian superstar Rudeboy, he posted a video on his Instagram page where the brass band group was playing his hit song ‘Reason with me‘.

American artiste Jidenna also got excited when his song ‘Bambi’ was displayed by the masquerade band. He posted about it and got massive reactions online.

We woke up this morning to see a video circulating online that captured the moment where some group of people displayed the Ankos festival in Italy.

In the video, a group of people were in their wild outfits and displaying the ankos culture in the street of Italy. Spectators were washed with it. People were gathered to witness this group of people in their wild outfits.


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