Watch: Quamina MP Talks About How His Look-Alike Impersonated Him At A Show He Was Booked To Perform In Eastern Region

Quamina MP
Quamina MP

Ghanaian musician Quamina MP has recently spoken out about an incident in which a look-alike impersonated him at a show he was scheduled to perform in the Eastern Region. The incident occurred on a weekend in early November 2022, and left fans disappointed and confused.

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Quamina MP, whose real name is Emmanuel Ato Quamina Amonoo, on united showbiz address the incident. In a video he explained that he had not been present at the show, and that the person who had performed in his place was not him.

According to him, his management team had received a request to book him for the show, but his look-alike went to the venue to perform before him.

The impersonator reportedly performed a few songs and even interacted with the crowd, who were unaware that they were not watching the real him The musician has expressed his disappointment at the incident, and apologized to his fans for any confusion or disappointment caused.

The incident involving Quamina MP highlights the need for caution and vigilance when it comes to online booking and event management. It is important for artists and their management teams to exercise due diligence and take appropriate measures to prevent impersonation and fraud.

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