Osu Trotro Driver Mistakenly Plays P0rno In His Bus For Passengers To Watch ( Watch Video)

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Trotro driver
Trotro driver

In a bizarre incident, an Osu trotro driver in Accra, Ghana, mistakenly played a p0rnographic movie in his bus for passengers to watch.

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According to reports, the driver had intended to play a movie on his bus’s entertainment system to keep his passengers entertained on their journey. However, he mistakenly played a p0rnographic movie instead of the intended movie.

The incident reportedly happened during a busy rush hour in the city, and many passengers were left shocked and embarrassed by the incident. Some passengers were said to have immediately disembarked from the bus while others reportedly confronted the driver over his mistake.

The incident has since sparked widespread outrage and condemnation on social media, with many Ghanaians expressing their disgust and calling for the driver to be punished for his actions. Many people have also criticized the driver for his lack of responsibility and sensitivity towards his passengers.

While incidents like this are rare, they highlight the importance of responsible behavior on the part of public transport operators. Passengers have the right to feel safe and comfortable during their journeys, and it is the responsibility of drivers and operators to ensure that they provide a conducive and safe environment for their passengers.

Watch the video here

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