My Father Sacked Me From His House Because I Wanted To Do Music — Shasha Marley

Shasha Marley
Shasha Marley

International reggae icon and the brand ambassador for One King Mineral Water Shasha Marley says he was sacked from the house by his father because he wanted to do music.

Every Ghanaian parents want their son or daughter to have a white color jobs here in Ghana.

Every Ghanaian parents dream is to have a their son or daughter pursuing law to become a lawyer, nurse, doctor, bank manager or manageress and many more

When their son or daughter wants to pursue music as his or her career, it becomes difficult for them to bear and they refuse to throw their support to their child.

This is because most Ghanaian parents have a bad perception about musician and how they portray themselves.

One King Mineral Water
One King Mineral Water

Other parents don’t want their son or daughter to choose music as their career because our system are not well structured so it becomes very difficult for an artiste to get income.

It seems like many artistes here in Ghana and part of the Western world have similar story when they wanted to choose music as their career.

We have heard cases where artistes grumble about how their parents neglected them when they chose music as their career.

International reggae icon Julius Amua-Sekyi, who is also known in the music space as Shasha Marley is a victim of such.

Multi award-winning reggae icon Shasha Marley has disclosed how his father threw him out of the house after his son chose music as his profession.

In his latest interview with Kelvin Kofi Danso (2kd) on Beach Fm, Shasha Marley spoke about how his father wanted him to study law to become a lawyer but chose music as his career.

According to the brand ambassador for One King Mineral Water, his father who was the Director for Education in the Western Region wanted his son to pursue law to become a lawyer because of the name he was bearing.

Shasha Marley
Shasha Marley

When his father heard his son is called Shasha Marley and doing music, he got annoyed and threw him out of his house

He explained further that, he went to live with his friend at embassy hotel and started to hustle his way out after his father threw him out.

When he started hustling on the street and playing with bands until Ghanaian highlife Legend, the late C.K Mann discovered his talent.

He said his father accepted him back when Jimmy Cliff came to Sekondi for a program in 1988. Some elders took him to his father to plead and he accepted him back as his son.

According to Shasha Marley, his father accepted him after the plead by the elders and they had a party, his father also blessed him to pursue his music as career and gave him money to go and watch Jimmy Cliff.

Shasha Marley who won the reggae artiste in the Western Region and he presented the plaque to his dad.

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