Kisa Gbekle shows the rot in the film industry, and I don’t blame the producers because the girls offer s3x.


With her admission, Kisa Gbekle has refuted the myth that actors are required to have s3x in order to land parts.

Kisa revealed to Abeiku Santana that the majority of girls are the ones that provide s3x in exchange for roles. She described her experience by saying, “I have worked for Venus Films as a PA and a secretary. The girls who pass by ask me who they can sleep with to get a role on the days when I’m present.

Kisa claims that although the issue may be exploited by the producers, it was started by young girls who were desperate for attention and fame.

“So with the one I am familiar with, it’s not the producers making the females perform s3x acts. The girls approach me and inquire, “Kisa, who do you think I can have s3x with in order to get a role?” So I can’t really hold the producers responsible. The gals are the ones who attack them.

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