Bloggers In Western Region Are Not Respected Enough — Boga Ali Hashim

Boga Ali Hashim
Boga Ali Hashim

Blogger and digital marketer Boga Ali Hashim, who has won numerous awards, has emphasized how bloggers in the Western Region are not regarded or valued. 

He broke down in tears while discussing how some brands, influencers, and artists in the region denigrate bloggers in an interview with Feeling Daddy on Empire Fm. 

He claims that it’s very challenging for brands, influencers, or artists in this region to share an article written by a Western Region blogger on their pages once they realize who the author is.

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He reiterated that these same brands, artists, or influencers are ready to promote an article from an Accra-based blogger because they believe they are more important than them. 

He asserts that business leaders in the Western Region do not regard the bloggers they employ as ignoring the news they blog about.

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