the business you can start in Ghana now

There are businesses that we can start with small or no money now that we are not paying attention to them.

Businesses help any economy to thrive well and also help the owners of the businesses.

The Commander in Chief of Ghana armed forces Nana Akuffo Addo addressed and advised teachers to venture into other businesses besides teaching.

He quoted “Nevertheless I don’t think anywhere in the world that people go into teaching and expect to become millionaires and make money if you want to do that you do other things”.

Even though he addressed it to teachers the advice can be a general statement.

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You are probably asking how you can start a business without money, truth is most businesses need capital to start but others do not.

Below are some businesses you can start without money but with skills, acquired knowledge, and effort – others you can start with money or small capital

  • Pure water business – table or bottled water
  • Car wash business
  • Iced-block business
  • Courier business/ Delivery business
  • General sales and marketing of various products and services online
  • Screen printing on T-shirts, mugs, etc
  • Professional Consultancy
  • Video coverage and photography
  • Vegetable garden and herb growing
  • Basket making
  • Driving: Taxi, company driver, or driving lessons
  • Health fitness center
  • Security agency
  • Production of greeting cards
  • Rental Services: chairs, tables, cups, ladders, etc
  • Cyber Cafe
  • Fashion designing and tailoring services
  • Education: Nursery, Primary, Secondary
  • Farming: Fish farming, herb farming, snail farming, etc
  • Poultry and livestock business: this includes rearing pigs, goats, rams, etc.

We hope to hear from you soon future businessmen and women

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