39-Year-Old Man Sodomises A Class 6 Pupil At Effiakuma And Threatens To Kill Her


Narrating the incident to Spice FM News, the mother of the victim, Madam Rebecca Kofie said that she was in Accra for business when she received a call from her husband that 20ghc belonging to him had gone missing in the home suspecting the victim to have stolen it.

She, therefore, called her older son (on phone) who resides at Effiakuma to go to the victims’ school to bring her home for interrogations.

She said the victim was brought home by her brother from school and upon interrogation confessed to having taken the money.

Madam Kwofie said whilst still communicating with them via phone ordered the insertion of ginger into the victim’s anus as a punishment for stealing her dad’s 20ghc. (The insertion of ginger in the anus of a child is a common local punishment for miscreant children in Effiakuma).

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She said a neighbor was called up to assist with the insertion of the ginger and in the course of the insertion, they realized that someone has been sodomizing the 11-year-old girl as burns were spotted in the anus area.

She was quickly contacted about the situation but doubted the information on the basis that she never believed the daughter could engage in such act.
Consequently, she left Accra that same day and came to Effiakuma in the evening to confirm what she has been told.

She went to report the case at the Effiakuma Police Station the following morning and the police officers on duty referred her to the Central Police Station in Takoradi for the reason that issues of that nature were handled at the Central Station.

She, therefore, followed suit and lodged a complaint at the Central Police Station but Saliu, the accused denied being the one though the victim insisted he was the one.

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Saliu was eventually arrested with the help of some neighbors while the mother was directed by the Police to go to the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital for medical examinations and reports.

Upon the doctor’s investigation and analysis, it was confirmed that such an act had taken place.

Though the victim could not recollect the exact date the incident happened, the medical reports showed it was in March this year.

The victim, narrating her ordeal said the suspect intoxicated her with an unknown substance in water, took advantage and threatened to take her life in case she shares the information of the act (sodomy) with anyone.

She said due to the fear of losing her life, she also held on to the information till the family later discovered it.

“Saliu called me to follow him on one Saturday as if he was going to send me to buy something for him. I am a good girl so everyone in this community will like to send me for errands. I followed Saliu to his house where he gave me something like water to drink”, she stated.

She said after drinking, she felt drowsy and fell deeply asleep only to wake up to see Saliu’s pants on the floor beside her.

“Saliu told me not to inform anyone otherwise he would kill me. The threat to kill me made me fear so I kept it a secret”, she added.

Spice News probed further to ask why she allowed the suspect to have an affair again with her after the first encounter and she said “Whenever I see the guy, something will drive me to follow him again and the suspect will take me through the same ordeal.”

The case has since been at the Kweikuma Circuit Court.
Meanwhile, Madam Kwofie says, she and her daughter has been at the Court four times but they are yet to give their account while the accused has been in police custody.

Madam Kwofie said they are to report to the Court on May 10, 2022, for the continuation of the case and pleaded that the case is fast-tracked to bring justice to the daughter.

She also pleaded for support, especially when she has to pay for transport of the victim and the CID anytime the Court sits.

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According to her, the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) in EKMA has been informed and is involved in the case

Oliver Ntaadu, assistant social welfare officer from EKMA confirmed the incident and added that the Unit has been following the issue at the court since its inception but was quick to add that the CLOSSAG strike action might affect their presence at subsequent sittings till the association resumes.

He went ahead to call for financial support for the victim’s mother to take care of medicals, transportation fare to Court, and other miscellaneous.

Spice News will be in court on May 10 to cover proceedings and inform our readers and listeners on every development as far as this issue is concerned.

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