Ibrah One Allegedly Runs Mad On The Street [Video]

Ibrah One
Ibrah One

The scene is captured in a video that is making waves on the internet. Ibrahim Dauda, popularly known as Ibrah One, a self-proclaimed millionaire from Ghana, was believed to have gone insane on the street. 

According to the footage we came across, an unnamed man dressed in a singlet and shorts looked strikingly similar to renowned millionaire Ibrah One. After being approached by his buddies, he seemed filthy and was acting strangely.

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Despite the lack of detailed reports about the purported incident, videos circulating on social media have sparked anxiety, with many believing the controversial social media figure has lost his mind.


n another video, Ibrah One can be seen laying on the pavement alongside a busy road. We’re still looking into the situation to see what’s causing him problems, such as whether he’s truly mentally ill as the video suggests or if the guy seen in the viral video is Him.

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