Woman Wrongly Accused Of Baby Theft Narrowly Escapes Lynching In Central Region

Monica Nandara
Woman wrongly accused of baby theft

Monica Nandara, aged 36, barely escaped a lynching by an enraged mob who accused her of kidnapping a baby at Kakraba junction in the Central Region.

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On March 14, 2023, a woman named Monica Nandara, who owns a pastry shop along the Nyanyano stretch, found herself in grave danger when an angry mob in the Kakraba area almost lynched her. The mob accused her of stealing a baby, which was reportedly triggered by an accusation from a homeless woman whom Monica had tried to help earlier.

According to reports, Monica Nandara was working late when one of her apprentices informed her about a woman lying on the shoulder of the Nyanyano road with her baby. As a compassionate individual, Monica decided to approach the woman and ask why she was there late at night with her few months old baby. However, things took a dangerous turn when the homeless woman accused Monica of stealing her baby, inciting a violent reaction from the mob. Some even called for Monica to be burned alive as a warning to others who might consider committing similar crimes.

It’s unfortunate that Monica’s good intentions were misinterpreted, leading to such a perilous situation. It’s important to remember that we should always approach any situation with caution and ensure that our actions do not put us or others in harm’s way.

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Monica recounted that when she approached the homeless woman and her baby, the woman explained that she had been evicted from the kiosk she was occupying for failing to pay rent and had nowhere to go. Feeling empathy towards the woman and her child, Monica and one of her apprentices offered to pay for the rent and took the woman and baby back to the kiosk. However, the situation quickly turned volatile during the drive when the woman began to scream and accuse Monica of trying to steal her baby when they reached Kakraba.

This commotion attracted the attention of people nearby who began to attack Monica’s vehicle and accused her and her apprentice of kidnapping and coercing the woman. Despite Monica’s attempts to explain the situation, the mob physically assaulted her and her apprentice, with some even suggesting they be burned alive.

This tragic incident highlights the dangers of jumping to conclusions and the importance of being cautious in situations that involve strangers. Despite Monica’s genuine intentions to help the woman and her baby, misunderstandings led to a dangerous situation that could have had severe consequences. It’s essential to approach these kinds of situations with care and avoid putting oneself and others in danger.

After the traumatic incident, Monica shared in an interview with Citi News that she now feels reluctant to offer assistance to people due to the fear of being attacked again. She expressed her belief that mob justice should be eradicated and called for more public education on the issue.

Although the police were called in, Monica could not recall the identity of the homeless woman who had accused her of stealing the baby. The woman was taken into police custody but was eventually released.

Monica’s apprentice, Shivera Tiesar, who was also attacked by the angry mob, still feels the pain on her cheek from the slaps she received during the ordeal.

This incident is a stark reminder of the danger of mob justice and the need for more education on how to handle similar situations without resorting to violence. It’s unfortunate that Monica’s good intentions led to such a harrowing experience, but we must learn from it and work towards creating a safer and more compassionate society for everyone.

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