Woman Turns Into A Cow After Sleeping With A Married Man (Video)

woman turns into a cow
a woman turns into a cow

We have chanced on a video where a woman turns into a cow after sleeping with a married man somewhere in Tanzania.

Wonders shall never end as they always say and we thought we have seen and heard it all until we chanced our eyes on a video circulating in the media space that captured the moment of a woman who had an affair with a married woman turned into a cow. 

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We couldn’t translate what the people around the woman saying but we could hear is the crying of the woman who has turned into a cow for cheating or sleeping with a married man. 

She has turned into a cow and was pleading with the wife of the man whom she cheated to forgive her and restore her to her normal state. 

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We asked ourselves this question. Do this ‘Black Magic’ work? If you have any ideas, kindly share them with us in our comment section.

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