Wode Maya Narrates How He Started His YouTube Journey 

Wode Maya
Wode Maya

Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, also known as Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTube celebrity, has revealed how he began his YouTube career in an interview. 

In an interview with award-winning presenter Nana Quasi-Wusu (PM) on YFM (Takoradi), a well-known YouTuber who graduated from Bompeh Senior High School said he decided not to study in Ghana because he is tired of the situation in Africa. 

He subsequently applied to a few international schools and was fortunate enough to be accepted to two of them. He was accepted into a school in the United Kingdom, but he turned it down due to the high expense of tuition, despite the fact that half of his tuition was paid for by sponsors. 

He then obtained a scholarship from China to study Aeronautic Engineering in China. Wode Maya, who was not exposed to the internet in Ghana, took advantage of it there for study purposes, and it was available at any time. 

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According to him, his YouTube journey began when he began to look into what he could accomplish outside of the degree or program he was enrolled in China. 

He went on to say that his YouTube adventure began as a joke because he is someone who enjoys having a good time, so he launched his channel to showcase live campus experiences.

According to him, his father was taken aback when he saw his video on his channel because he sent him to study engineering instead of taking cameras across the world. 

Because of the content, he started creating on his channel instead of studying to be an engineer, his father became enraged and would not speak to him for two weeks. 

It required his mother to persuade his father to accept his newly discovered employment in China. He subsequently renamed his YouTube channel ‘Ghana Baby’ to ‘Wode Maya,‘ which is a Chinese word that means “My mother.”

His father encouraged him to educate Chinese people about African culture when he accepted his decision to become a YouTuber. According to Wode Maya, his father’s advice shaped who he is today.

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