We exist, and it’s Ghana we’ll stay – Angel Maxine, Ghana’s openly transgender musician, declares

The proponents of Ghana’s divisive anti-gay law said that its approval would end the “perverseness.” The LGBT community in Ghana, according to Angel Maxine, the country’s first openly transgender musician, is stagnating.

Angel Maxine discussed her journey from infancy to the present with the BBC, saying that she has accepted every aspect of herself regardless of what others may think. She admitted that even at birth when the medical staff was perplexed about her gender despite the presence of a penis, she began exhibiting feminine characteristics.

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“Even at the hospital, they were unable to determine my gender. Is this a man or a female, they will ask? To discover that, “Oh, this one has a penis oo,” they must unwrap me and carry me around.

Angel Maxine, a man who was born, describes the frequent bullying she experienced as a child because of her “queerness.”

“I frequently felt as though I was living someone else’s life. Obaaberima… Kojo Busia… I eventually came to own it. So I say “hello, hi” when you call me Kojo Besia or Obaa Berima. I only had it. I am the first publicly transgender musician from Ghana and go by the name Angel Maxine, she said.

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Angel Maxine dispels the myth that LGBT people do not live authentically in Ghana, which is a prevalent misconception.

“Angel didn’t go and choose anyone’s way of life or culture. I have always been effeminate. I was thinking, “I’m really exhausted, and this is me,” despite criticism from family and others. I then began performing my music in public while donning my Santiago boots, shorts, and other accessories. And it was there when I truly recognized myself, thinking, “Hey, this is me.” I wish to display this stunning image outside because that is what I have always seen.

We exist, and we are in Ghana. It’s this Ghana that we will stay,” she concluded.



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