Get To Know The Top Highest Paying Jobs In 2022

Get To Know The Top 4 Highest Paying Jobs In 2022
Get To Know The Top 4 Highest Paying Jobs In 2022

I’m excited to share the top highest-paying in 2022 with you. The top careers I recommend can all be started with just a high school diploma.

This ranking takes into account not only the highest-paying entry-level employment, but also job security, future career advancement options, and the ability to find fascinating work.

Many of the positions listed below, however, are among the best-paid jobs, because higher-paying, in-demand jobs also tend to have better job security and more options/choices in the future.

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So let’s get this party started! These are the very BEST occupations and careers for recent college graduates, in no particular order, in my opinion.

  • IT Consultant

For recent college graduates interested in technology and software, this is one of the greatest professions.
In terms of compensation, demand for your talents, and future career advancement, IT consulting is hands-down one of the greatest fields you can get into right now.

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These jobs are incredibly lucrative. And demand is increasing as more firms around the world rely on software. (Even companies that have been established for a long time, such as UPS.) Many “boot camps” and institutions exist that teach this skill set in weeks rather than years.

Some even assist you in finding work after you graduate. Most IT consulting roles require some level of coding knowledge, while certain positions, such as business analyst, data analyst, and QA analyst, do not.

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People who do not wish to learn to code should apply for these positions. They earn roughly the same amount, if not more in some circumstances.

A salesforce business analyst, for example, earns $100k to $200k per year, while a salesforce consultant earns $400 per year. If you want to learn how to become a salesforce business analyst, is one of the greatest places to go.

  • Digital Marketing

Even the most traditional businesses that have traditionally relied on offline marketing now recognize the importance of having a digital presence. (Try to discover a single significant brand that doesn’t have a social media presence.) You can’t).

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Companies are learning that they need a lot of aid in this area as they get on board. Creating and maintaining online advertisements (on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other platforms) is a specific task in this industry… handling “organic” social media postings (non-paid advertisements — regular posts that businesses make to their followers).

There are other more things to consider, such as website optimization, email marketing, and so on.

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You won’t be competing against someone with 20-30 years of expertise because this is a relatively new area. Some of the most experienced digital marketers are currently in their twenties.
So you can make a good living in this sector ($50-60K in one or two years, and considerably more over time).

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