Rolling Stone Releases Footage Of DaBaby Shooting And Killing 19-Year-Old Jaylin Craig In Walmart Self Defense Case (Watch Video)


Rolling stone has released footage of American rapper Jonathan Lybdale Krik, known in the music space as DaBaby shooting and killing 19-year-old Jaylin Craig in Walmart. 

According to Douglas, the 2018 incident began after Craig and he recognized DaBaby at Walmart. Kirk interpreted a conversation between the two about whether or not it was actually the rapper as the two pursuing him in an attempt to start something. 

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He told authorities at the time, “They’re trying to provoke me so they can pull a gun out.” Kirk confronts Craig and Douglas in the video, according to Rolling Stone. Kirk “strikes him in the head and nearly tackles him to the ground” after the two turn away from him. That attack, according to Kirk, was an attempt to “get the jump on” the two.

Netizens Reactions

Good Mourning AM ; Stone knows what they are trying to do. But the person who died by Da Baby in Walmart is the dude in the BLACK THE WHIPS OUT A GUN. I zoomed in and slow mo’d it for you. for those who don’t know the law, producing a fire arm IS a threat to someone life.

Hip Hop Ties; Stone releases never before seen footage of DaBaby shooting & k***ing 19-year-old Jaylin Craig in 2018 Walmart self defense case

Da Baby was charged and convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to 12 months probation with a suspended jail sentence.

Media On Blast: IN SLOW MOTION Footage released of Da Baby’s 2018 Walmart shooting, in which Da Baby shot and killed Jaylin Craig. Da Baby claimed it was self defense. DID JAYLIN CRAIG REACH FOR A GUN FIRST? (Jaylin is not the one Da Baby grabbed)

chop goddess toy: keep saying he beat a case he never was tried for there was never a not guilty verdict, da baby and his baby mama struck the victim and the victim ran and was shot from behind. Da baby told police it was a robbery and the witnesses didn’t cooperate

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