Moment Residents Risked Their Lives To Fetch Fuel From A Fuel Tanker Overturned In Kumasi [Video]

Fuel Tanker Overturned
Fuel Tanker Overturned

Ghanaians never learn, as evidenced by a recent video we saw in which a petrol tanker was caught on camera overturning.

According to the video, if the petrol tanker had caught fire, it would have been a tremendous calamity for the country, as residents in the neighborhood where the tanker crashed raced to the accident site to retrieve some of the fuel.

This video drew a lot of attention from netizens, who questioned why these people were risking their lives in the first place, given the number of disasters that have occurred as a result of similar incidents.

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Some reactions from netizens are;

@eben_aubyn – This is the second time this year if I remember correctly something like that has happened at Kaase

@arhinekofi30 – Nipa bibire deɛ, dɛn paaa na yɛbɛ yɛɛ no wɔ wiase?

@robertTundele – Bibini koraaa came to do what on the world koraaaaaa ,we always want troubles for our selfs

@Sowah665 – So are they going to sell the diesel or what

@PaaChicharito – This one ebi gyimie den ohia cos I don’t get it

@BwoyKwadwo – Bibinii y3 nipa oo awww awww awww awww awww

@soldja23 – one lady was going with a basin lol what ankasa she de take go do?

@zakwanzy – Even the one that occurred. Government hasn’t been able to solve it. Citizens of Ghana has turned into refugees in their own country. We never learn, it pains to type this, but “sometimes we diserve it”. We are our own enemies.

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