Meet Abena Cilla, the pretty Ghanaian model whose heavy ‘tʋŋdra’ has taken over IG

Abena Cilla
Abena Cilla

Abena Cilla, a Ghanaian model, and social media influencer have served photographs of her eye-catching voluptuous hourglass physique to her social media followers once again. 

Abena Cilla, as we all know, is one of Ghana’s female influencers or celebrities with a backside. There have been numerous debates over her, with some even comparing her to Hajia Bintu, who has a large backside. 

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We are back today with nine ‘eye-popping’ photographs of Abena Cilla, aka the African Barbie.

Abena is one of the few female celebrities who does not usually trend online; she posts photos that go viral, but she hasn’t yet been involved in the slay queen movement. Despite the fact that nothing is known about her, Abena has a large social media following, similar to Hajia Bintu, who is known for showing off her enormous booty to friends and followers on social media.

Abena’s Instagram page has over 255k followers, and she continuously tempts them with obscene photographs of her bottom. 

She was also nominated for Vibrant Instagram Account Of The Year at the Ghana Social Media Business and Creative Arts Awards 2020 Edition, but Hajia Bintu was named the winner.

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