Man Weeps As He Blames The Death Of His Wife On Nurses At Manhyia District Hospital (Video)

Man Crying
Man Crying

A man believed to be 45-years has shared uncontrollable tears of his beloved wife’s death at the Manhyia District Hospital in Kumasi, Ashanti Region after he tried everything possible to save her from her condition. 

In a sad video we chanced on making rounds on social media, the man who is believed to be 45-years old says he sent her dying wife to the hospital and was extorted a lot of money just on drips in order to make her wife’s cells active. 

However, he was forced to pay for a lot of items at the hospital in the hopes that his wife would live, but the hospital’s medical staff refused to give him invoices for all of the money they took from him. 

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He stated he was requested to purchase a kit so that they could monitor his ailing wife’s blood sugar level, but he chose to get it from a pharmacy outside the hospital. 

Because he refused to give them the money to buy the kit themselves, the nurse who was caring for his wife turned her back on him. His wife died as a result of this.

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