Lady’s Dyed Hair Removed By Vigilante Group Who Are Tasked Against ‘Indecent Dressing’ (Video) 

Vigilante Group
Vigilante Group

Vigilante group members were seen removing a lady’s colored hair in a video that went popular on the internet.

In today’s society, young girls and young men are increasingly exposing their bodies in the name of so-called fashion. Youths nowadays are unconcerned with what they wear when they go out.

The Nigerian government has deployed a vigilante group to combat indecent attire, as evidenced in a video making waves on the internet removing a lady’s dyed hair.

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A brother needs answers:

“I am a nurse, 30years of age. My girlfriend 26years who is also a nurse. She is pregnant for me. The pregnancy is 2months old. We were happy together. Started ANC and all that. I spoke to the mother and father. I told them of the situation. I told them, l love their daughter and l am willing to take responsibility and do all the needful and marry her if given the opportunity before or after delivery.
They accepted in good faith. My girlfriend finished her night off and went home to see her mum.
The mother said, she has gone to see a pastor that says….because l am an Akyem guy, l won’t take responsibility and leave the child for her to cater for her alone.
This woman has vowed that, bcos of the sayings of the pastor….my girlfriend should abort the pregnancy and leave me.
My girlfriend has listened to her mother…..and she is bent on aborting our child and leaving the relationship.
My girlfriend’s father support that we should keep the pregnancy and proceed with the respective things to be done. But the lady’s mother says NO.
I have begged her several times, brought in prominent people to beg her on my behalf. Even if she doesn’t want me anymore, she should keep my child and after birth……l will take care of the child. She says NO.
I am financially stable to take care of my child…..and the pregnant woman.
I am emotionally traumatised, having to watch my child aborted when l have all the money to take care of the child simply because of my tribe.
Please what should l do??
I am contemplating suicide.”

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