I Use My ‘Menses’ To Prepare Food For My Husband – Woman reveals (Video)

Woman prepares food with menses.
Woman prepares food with menses.

In a shocking and controversial revelation, a woman has admitted to using her menstrual blood to prepare meals for her husband. The revelation has sparked outrage and disgust on social media, with many people calling for the woman’s immediate arrest and prosecution.

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According to the woman, who made the confession in a video that has since gone viral, she uses her menstrual blood to prepare meals for her husband as a way of keeping him faithful and committed to their marriage. She claimed that the practice has been passed down from her grandmother, who used it to keep her grandfather faithful during their marriage.

The woman went on to defend her actions, stating that her husband has not complained about the food and that he is not aware of what she puts in it. She also stated that she believes the practice is effective in keeping her husband faithful and committed to their marriage.

However, health experts have warned that the practice is not only unhygienic but also poses serious health risks to the husband, including the transmission of infections and diseases. Menstrual blood is known to contain bacteria and viruses, and cooking it does not eliminate these risks.

The revelation has sparked outrage and condemnation on social media, with many people calling for the woman’s immediate arrest and prosecution. Some have also called for her husband to be tested for infections and diseases and for the couple to receive counseling on healthy and safe ways to maintain a happy and faithful marriage.

The following content may be disturbing or offensive to some readers.

Woman prepares food with menses

1.”Dave, what you are doing on Facebook, initially, was a problem for me. I thought you shouldn’t have published the cheating ladies thing – because it was too graphic, and not every woman is cheating. Then I read that of the men. Probably, if you hadn’t shared that, I wouldn’t have had the courage to send you this. I foresaw my husband in that list: A Cheat!

I gave up so much for my husband. My dreams to get a second degree. My dreams to get a good paying job. My dreams to be independent (financially): I gave all of that up for him to realize his, with the assurance that, I would be helped out to also pursue my dreams in higher education. It’s been over a decade, I am still a First degree holder, mothering his kids. I wasn’t even bothered by that, my kids made me happy.

Then, his mother died the same month mine got hospitalized.

I needed money to pay for my mother’s surgery. My husband insisted he need to save to bury his mother. Dave, can you imagine? He was choosing between, spending on the dead over the living. He refused to truly give me the money. Two (2) days to my mother’s surgery, I contacted an Ex-boyfriend for help. I asked him to loan me GHs 25, 000. He was willing to give me the amount, but not as a loan. I wanted a loan, I insisted, but he made it clear he wasn’t going to give it out as a loan, but as payment for a service: Sex!

I was in my time of the month, I couldn’t have sex. I explained it to him, but he told me the offer was available for One (1) day. I had the worst experience of my life in my period, for GHs 25, 000. Mum died Two (2) weeks after the surgery. That was when I also found out about my husband, renting a two-bedroom apartment for a University girl he was sleeping with.

Every month, in my period, in memory of the torture I had to go through to make GHs 25, 000. In memory of my mother, I specially prepare my husband’s favorite Fufu and Palm-nut Soup with my menses. When I watch him eat it, I feel at peace. Sometimes, those Pepper and Sugar them ministries ain’t even relevant. You rather keep them menzed in the blood.”

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