I Have Never Smoked Before – Black Sherif Reveals (Video) 

Black Sherif

Mohammed Ismail Sherif, well known in the entertainment world as Black Sherif, a Ghanaian fast-rising hip hop star, said that he had never smoked marijuana before.

‘Killa Blacko’ as many people call him has been heard using or promoting marijuana or weed as a phrase in his well known songs. 

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People have tagged him as a smoker all this long because of the phrase Marijuana or Weed he continuously use in his well known songs. 

Black Sherif has comes out to debunk the rumors fast spreading that he smokes marijuana or weed to the general public.

Speaking in an interview with multiple award-winning presenter and Disc Jockey Andy Dosty of Hitz Fm on Daybreak show, Killa Blacko says he has never tasted or smoked weed before. 

Thou he constantly uses the marijuana phrase in his songs, he don’t promote it because he doesn’t smoke it. 

“I don’t smoke. And I am not telling anyone to do it o. When I talk about smoking, it’s actually about smoking the beat. We are burning the beat. Na ayɛ shishiishi”. He said 

After passing this comment, fans roasted him for telling lies to the general public about not smoking weed or marijuana.

If you don’t smoke why have you prioritise smoking marijuana and all kinds of stuff in your music don’t you know little children’s are going to watch and copy there is no way this guy can tell us he doesn’t smoke

Is it compulsory for him to smoke ??ahh

He said he doesn’t smoke… so far as you are not him, just accept it ahh

If blacko is saying marijuana means beat for him I totally I agree with him because I have a friend who referred to ladies as nice birds

If you can’t give ur children proper upbringing don’t blame anybody. And even if u wanna blame somebody,blame God for creating weed in the first place and the producers of cigarettes etc not blacko! “

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