I began as a serious actor, but I eventually abandoned it to create comic skits, says Mr. Macaroni.


When Mr. Macaroni appeared as a guest on Cool FM, he confessed that before taking a detour to become a comedian, he had aspired to be a “popular and serious” actor.
Here is a portion of his conversation;
“How and why did you transition from theater arts study to skit maker?”
Mister Macaroni I started making stuff because of my depression and frustration. In fact, I vowed that I would never work in content development. Wetin be all this, I thought as I observed everyone doing it at the time. What do these people do? There are several things they teach you as a thespian. When you work in the theatre, you just feel like certain things,what is all this one?

You wish to work on stage, significant performances, and film projects. Work that establishes you as a thespian, you know. Then I was just wondering “what are all these ones doing? ” as I was staring at Broda Shaggi, Lasisi, Twyce, and Maraji. Mschewww”.

I started attending casting calls and auditions back-to-back after that, and these folks actually caused me to question my own talent. Because I started attending drama school right away, I believe that I started collecting best actor awards at the 200 level. So after leaving the school and going for an audition, they came up and gave me a suspicious look. What did this person do? I exclaimed, “Ah, ah, they trick me,”

Abi wetin dey happen for here. So you know it was so frustrating. So after a while, I looked at these guys (the skit makers), I now looked at them again. I now said “e be like say wetin dem dey do no too bad like that.” So I just started.

At the time I didn’t even know what I was doing, I was just frustrated. And that’s how it started. That was late 2019 I started creating those videos. It was when I started using that agbada that everything changed

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