How to earn passive income on NFTs

If you have NFTs in your crypto wallet, you can use them to earn passive income. NFT staking is the newest way to build passive income with blockchain technology. With any source of such income, you must make an investment upfront. Although this can be in money or in time, a passive income through NFTs is primarily achieved through an investment with money.

When looking for a way to build passive income with NFTs, it is helpful to pay attention to a few things

However, this also has its advantages. The popularity of a game can also increase, allowing you to earn from the NFT, itself. It is, therefore, important to do proper research on the NFT as well as on the market, the utility and the staking rewards.

NFT staking platforms

There are countless different NFT staking platforms, which means that one example of a platform is not all telling. To give you a better idea of the variations in this area, we highlight a few NFT staking platforms. Due to the huge rise of play-to-earn NFTs, there are many examples in this area, but did you know that exchanges are also actively engaged in NFT staking.

What are the best NFTs to stake?

When you decide to stake your NFTs, it is important to have a good idea of what you want to achieve. To find the best NFTs for staking, you will need to know where the opportunities are. Good market research is, therefore, very important. There are different NFTs you can stake, each of which has its own characteristics. Therefore, make sure your strategy is clear to you.

Do you like gaming and want to invest in this industry? Then, for example, an NFT staking platform like Splinterlands is an interesting option for you. This play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain allows players to earn extra through NFT staking. Always keep in mind that NFTs can also decrease in value, so there are also risks involved in staking your nonfungible token

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