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Countries that own the most Bitcoin - Kofi Annan GH

Countries that own the most Bitcoin


Furthermore, Bitcoin is held by numerous nations. The majority have seized the leading cryptocurrencies, although these holdings are frequently swiftly sold in auctions to individual investors.

With 2,301 BTC in its bank account, El Salvador is the nation with the largest Bitcoin holding. In September 2021, the nation made cryptocurrencies legal tender and has since made a number of investments. It intends to build a Bitcoin City with the help of a volcano.

Finland was said to be holding 1,981 BTC that had been seized through criminal investigations in April 2022, with plans to sell the money at an auction later that year. As of the time of writing, there was no word that the monies had been auctioned.

Similarly, Georgian parliament members are said to collectively hold 66 BTC, although the funds belong to private individuals and not the government.

According to information submitted by Ukrainian government employees through Opendatabot, as of April 5, 2021, they possessed a total of 46,351 Bitcoin. These declarations were made in response to demands that public officials disclose their real estate assets, hence they are not the government’s holdings.

With the use of cryptocurrency investment funds, investors can access underlying assets without actually handling them. This entails getting acquainted with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin without having to deal with public or private keys in practice.

Funds increase their Bitcoin holdings in response to investor inflows and reduce them in response to investor outflows. Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust is the largest fund holding bitcoin, with 643,572 BTC, or more than 3% of the total circulating supply. The next holding is made by CoinShares, which uses XBT Provider’s exchange-traded products to hold about 42,980 BTC.

Prior to this month’s sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF ranked first in terms of BTC holdings among exchange-traded funds. In the course of the sell-off, the fund’s assets fell by a startling 51 percent, from 47,818 BTC to 23,307 BTC on June 16 and 17. The fund’s holdings are nevertheless anticipated to be higher than those of the CoinShares Bitcoin ETF from 3iQ, which is anticipated to own 12,115 BTC.

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