Brave Lady Saves 6-Year-Old Girl From Abduction [ Video]


Many people have been moved by a lady’s bravery after she rescued the life of a 6-year-old girl.

The lady could be heard telling how he prevented the girl from being abducted in a video shared to blogger “RonnieIsEverwhere.”

She went into great detail on what happened at Amasaman just a few minutes ago.

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She stated:

“Lady in this video saves a Young girl from being abducted and this is how she narrated the incident which occurred couple of minutes ago At Amasaman.
She writes : “ Good evening family please share this video if u see it. On my way home from madina to amasaman, I alighted at amasaman and Had to pick a different car to sapeiman because that’s where I stay.”

“So I sat in the car as u can see now. I was the one taking this video. So the car almost got full and there’s one more unoccupied seat beside me and this man sighted in a white T-shirt in this video came to sit beside me, and was calling this 6 years old to enter the car but the child was refusing to enter”

“But I kept watching them, just the two of them. So the car took off. And my heart started beating so fast to the extend that I couldn’t hold my breath, just to ask the man whether the child is his. So I tapped the man and asked him whether he knows the child, and quickly he told me that’s his sisters child.”

“Quickly I asked the child the same question and the child told me she doesn’t know him from anywhere. And we were all taken aback about it. So I started shouting and quickly we drove back to amasaman station to report the case.”

“As at now the child is with amasaman police station and the man was arrested. So please help me share this.
The child needs her family.”

Good citizens surely pertain in this country. Kindly share this video for the parents to locate their child. Thank You all 

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