Anita Arthur, Miss Western Ghana 2022 3rd Runner Up, said something beautiful after the pageant

Anita Arthur,3rd Runner Up Miss Western 2022

Anita Arthur of the Miss Western beauty pageant has a message for you all, read it below.

The evening of July 2022 was the grand finale of the annual Miss Western Ghana beauty pageant.

In the beauty pageant, 10 delegates fought well to book their spot for the grand finale, the fight was not a squabble, the night was very tough and competitive, and no contestant exposed her Achilles heels.

The third runner up Anita said something that caught the attention of the team, after the grand finale of Miss Western Ghana 2K22. She started by letting us know who she is, that she is Anita Arthur, a 21-year-old girl at the University of Education Winneba.

3rd Runner Up Miss Western 2022

She loves to spend more time with her family, and one thing she is very good at is giving back to her community and even beyond.

Anita represented the of Beahu in the Ahanta west municipality at this year’s edition of Miss Western Ghana. She made it known that many people, women to be precise – can’t take up space in her society, so she came out to empower, help to grow, and abolish the “I can’t do spirit.” followed her journey through the contest and she was one of the top three delegates who were giving amazing performances and also putting pressure on the other delegates to step up through her performances.

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She furthered this by explaining how the Miss Western Ghana beauty contest has helped her. She quoted, “I know there is a lot of doubt about beauty pageants but the passion that drove me into this year miss western is the social stigma that is placed on individuals who are physically challenged and I believe with this platform I will be able to add my voice to the abolishment of the notion.

It has groomed me to be a better person, Leadership skills, have built on my communication skills and a good interpersonal relationship with others.

Anita finally thanked her supporters, the organization, and everyone. She said, ” I’m most grateful to God for how far he’s brought me. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, votes, time, and sacrifice.

To Ex One entertainment, I say thank you for making me a better person.
Long live Ghana
Long live western region
Long live Team Anita

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