Lady Counts Her Losses 6 Years After She Gave Her Ex-Boyfriend Her School Fees

A young lady on the internet has shared her sad moments where she gave out her school fees to her boyfriend all in the name of love.

According to the young lady, he gave her school fees to her Ex-boyfriend out of love because she wanted to see her boyfriend grow his business.

The young lady who intended to help her ex-boyfriend to grow his business borrowed him her school fees because she trusted in him.

According to her, her Ex-boyfriend who she borrowed him money with her school fees to grow his business is currently rich and married with kids.

She then advises her fellow ladies not to repeat the mistakes she did.

She writes

las a woman, gave my man my two
semesters school fees so he could do some
business stand on feet and then pay me
back when he is comfortable because I
trusted him. Man is married to someone
else now, and I’m still st cked paying for for
my I ses. It’s been 6years.

Chail…. Can’t imagine I just br ke down in
tears again tonight. I keep blaming myself. It
is all my fault. I accept my fad lishness. I was
indeed flish to have entrusted my life to a
man I wasn’t married too. Coming out of this
br kenness is tough. Please folks don’t be
like me

Netizens Reactions

I was about given my ex my school fees too, I don transferred the money already, before bank refund me back that the transaction could not be completed because it’s a mumu transaction, is God not wonderful?

It’s always the bad people that end up spoiling the good people for other good people. If u do not understand shut up read it again or move on

Two semester school fees is what is still making you broke 6years later?
Please how much is your entire tuition fees?

This is wat hppns wen societies mke womn believe dey nid to be dependent on a man and that success is not 4 dem. I am glad my parents raised their daughters like they raised their sons.

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