Divorced Woman Demands Refund From Photographer Because Her Wedding Pictures Are Now Useless

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Divorced woman
Divorced woman

A divorced woman’s unusual demand for a refund from a photographer who filmed her wedding in 2019, citing the pictures’ current uselessness, has generated significant online attention.

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Online discussions were sparked when a South African woman reached out to photographer Lance Romeo through WhatsApp, attempting to jog his memory of herself and the wedding ceremony she had with her now ex-husband in Durban back in 2019.

Once the photographer confirmed his involvement in capturing the wedding, the woman informed him that she no longer required the photographs due to her divorce from her former husband. Consequently, she requested a refund for the services rendered.

Romeo, taken aback by the request, inquired if the woman was joking, to which she firmly responded, “No, dear. I’m completely serious.”

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On Twitter, Romeo shared screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation, captioning it, “I swear my life is a movie…you can’t make this stuff up.” In the conversation, Romeo initially expressed sympathy for the woman’s circumstances. However, he firmly informed her that the payment made for his services was nonrefundable.

The snapshots reveal the woman’s persistent insistence on obtaining a refund, going as far as suggesting a minimum of 70% reimbursement.

Divorced woman
Divorced woman
Divorced woman

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